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Holt Spirngs Limited, Wirral, Merseyside
ISO 9002 Accredited and BVQi certified

Holt Springs is a family-owned company with over fifty years of trading history and experience behind it.

The company was formed in Liverpool in 1953 and made springs and clips for a thriving local manufacturing and production industry together with supporting the work of the many ship repairers and chandlers working the port of Liverpool.

Now, many years after it began, Holt Springs is based in the Wirral supplying an enormous variety of springs and clips to many different companies based in all commercial sectors but chiefly in those of manufacturing, plant maintenance and food production.

The company readily responds to service demands from such diverse fields as medical, technical, electrical and theatrical organisations.

The majority of our staff have a long association with the company, many with over 30 years service.