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Holt Spirngs Limited, Wirral, Merseyside
BS EN ISO9001:2000  Accredited and BVQi certified
Our products are the end result of consultation, design and manufacture. While the company produces to order common items such as clips, helical and leaf springs there are a wide variety of parameters shaping the finished product. These include, size, material, purpose, weight and so on.

Holt Springs makes a wide variety of these products to a very high standard with a prompt turnaround for industrial use in the U.K. and abroad. Many types of springs are made these include, compression springs, expansion springs, torsion springs, clips, leafsprings and clock type springs.
Materials used include various Spring Steels, Stainless Spring Steels, Alloys, Beryllium Copper and Phosphor Bronze. The company has a very wide and varied customer base.

Holt Springs produces springs for many household names such as:

Vauxhall Motors
Pilkington Glass UK Ltd
Lever Faberge Ltd
Thermo Electron Corporation
Ball Packaging Europe Ltd
Premier Brands UK Ltd

And service demands from such diverse fields as medical, technical, electrical and theatrical organisations. Whatever the order Holt Springs will produce the spring or clip to the highest quality within the agreed timeframe.

Contact: Darrin Nickson
Tel. +44(0)151 632 5005.

All the company's procedures are subjected to external assessment and have reached the standard of quality for the award of BS EN ISO9001:2000.

The registration of the certificate is maintained through regular reviews by the awarding authority.